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Metabolic rate and weight loss relation

If you are interested in these ads for the promotion of fad diets to lose weight, you might soon become disillusioned. The fastest way to succeed in losing weight and staying away from putting on weight is to stimulate the metabolism.

One of the fundamental truths on the subject of weight loss and the metabolic rate, it means that you have very little opportunity to change your basal metabolism. The only thing you can do is to increase your daily exercise and physical activity to burn calories and strengthen the muscle tissue.

Before thinking about weight loss, to think about why there is an increase in weight in the first place. Weight gain is simply the result of consuming more and spending less calories. If weight loss is all about boosting your metabolic rate, it is perfectly logical to assume that the weight gain may be due to an optimal metabolism caused by, among many factors, a malfunction of the gland thyroid. Not all people who are overweight have an underlying problem thyroid. Only a medical examination can confirm whether until obesity is due to a medical condition.

So if weight gain is a transient decrease in energy imbalance, all you need to do to lose weight is to create an energy deficit by consuming less calories than you burn through physical activity. The amount of energy requirements vary depending on many factors such as the proportions of the body, body composition, age and sex.

You can control the number of calories burned based on the frequency, duration and intensity of your activities. As your own metabolism affects the amount of energy that you need, it is ultimately the food you eat and the physical activity that you engage in that will determine your weight.

The biggest problem with crash diets and other dietary supplements, it is the causes of slowing metabolism. This, in turn, affects the weight loss program, which suddenly comes to a grinding halt.

Increasing your physical activity as well as to reduce the amount of food intake also have no weight loss from the loss of protein in your muscles will continue to decrease your metabolism, and the system will soon adapt legitimate to lower calories, while the increase in metabolism can provide continuous and permanent weight loss. The advantages are:

• Your body will need fewer of the exercise.
• Your exercise will reduce the time. There will be no more reason for carrying on relentlessly with your exercise program to burn calories per day.
• Lesser chances of regaining weight later.
• You do not have to give up your favorite foods, and go on a strict diet.
• You will have losses of more fat than water loss.

It is a fact that when we lose weight, we also lose proteins stored in muscle. The faster you lose weight, the faster is the loss of protein. Since you are also consuming less protein in your diet, protein from the muscles is still divided to make new proteins necessary for our immune system and used for our energy needs normal. Gradually, as the protein is lost from the cells, there is a reduction in the total weight of the body lean, and then the metabolism is lowered.

Because of this evolution, our body requires fewer calories to maintain body weight. When we lose protein, we also lose fluid, because protein holds approximately 4 times its weight in water. Hence the weight loss experienced in the first few weeks of a diet is mainly due to loss of fluid and no loss of fat. If you boost your metabolism, you can find a little bit of loss of liquid, while the weight loss is gradual.