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How does your weight relate to your metabolic rate?

Your metabolic rate is the rate at which your body burns calories to maintain all your body functions, even when you sleep. If you increase your metabolic rate, you can help to reduce your body fat.

Naturally proves that your weight is closely linked to your metabolic rate. Building muscle is regarded as giving a great boost to your metabolic rate. Because the muscles burn calories just by their presence, make muscle exercises on a regular basis is an investment for the future of burning calories.

It is understood that the higher your metabolic rate is, the more calories you burn yourself without engaging in any physical activity. Of course, the metabolic rate varies depending on many factors, such as genetics, age, gender, body composition, size, etc. Men normally have a higher metabolic rate than women, because they usually the higher muscle mass and a decrease in the percentage of body fat.

Other than sex, sex and age, the metabolic rate may also be a hereditary trait, as some people have slower metabolic rate than others. It changes significantly with age and level of physical activity. In general, the greater the percentage of lean body mass, the greater will be the metabolic rate. On the contrary, more body fat, the lower the metabolic rate.

You will not find that various cardiovascular and weight training exercises play a crucial role in the programs of weight loss. That's because you no longer have these exercises, the greater the metabolic rate becomes.

The reason why people tend to gain weight with age, they are normally not do much physical exercise when they age and natural tendency many lose lean muscle mass. Interestingly, after the age of 20, metabolic rate shows signs of a reduction of about 2% annually. If you keep your calorie intake, but not to increase your level of physical activity, your metabolic rate slows with age.

Anyone obese runs a high risk of several chronic diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. These types of people have to make rigorous physical exercises and try to lose weight.

Even a small percentage of weight loss (10% of your body weight) can reduce the chances of maintaining these diseases. Thus, in order to lose weight, you need to do regular physical activity and decrease the amount of daily calorie intake, which are necessary to maintain your body weight.

If you are planning to go to these programs of rapid weight loss, you will have more and more disillusioned, in the secrecy of the weight loss does not lie in these schemes are in vogue they, etc. The basic fact about your metabolic rate and weight is whether you can not change your metabolism.

All you can do is to engage in physical exercise to burn calories and consume fewer calories to maintain the right body weight, as well as the shape of the body.