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Acai Berry Review - Lose weight safely

Acai Berry is used for diet as well as improvement, skin improvement, vitamin, cleanse and detox, etc. Acai Berry Blast, as the leading brand in Acai Berry industry, is the solution that you can rely on.

Acai berry is the fruit of Acai palm trees and it's similar to purple grape. Acai Berry can be found in the Amazon rainforest. The fruit is 90 percent seed pits and rest of it is pulp. For the product fruits are processed to get pulp puree. The fruit flavor is great, also researchers found out that this fruit carries exeptional nutrition values.

Customarily, this fruit has been used in Amazon region as energy increaser. Natives along the Amazon River in Brazil have been using the fruit in their meals for ages. Healing properties of the fruit are famous and are used in entire of the Amazon region.

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According to wikipedia:
The berries are harvested as food. In a study of three traditional Caboclo populations in the Amazon region of Brazil, açaí palm was described as the most important plant species because the fruit makes up such a major component of diet (up to 42% of the total food intake by weight) and is economically valuable in the region (Murrieta et al., 1999).

If you are serious about losing weight, Acai Berry is very important. The Acai Berry is considered the newest "super food" for it's nutritional content and it's ability to help flush unwanted toxins and pounds and speed up your metabolism.

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Main ingredient of the fruit have been subject of active research in the medical world. It has been found out that 100 grams of Acai Berry contains following constituents:

Acid: 0.13%
Brix: 45.90 g
Protein: 6%
Fiber: 16.9g
Niacin: 0.40mg
Phosphorous: 58mg
Iran: 11.8mg
Vitamin B1: 0.36mg
Vitamin B2: 0.01mg
Calcium: 9mg
Vitamin C: 9mg ph: 5.21
Calories: 247

Regarding nutritional chemistry the fruit contains polyphenols, anthocyanidins, phytosterols, obromine, omega fatty acids, natural vitamin E, trace minerals(copper, iron, calcium, cobalt, chromium and manganese), dietary fiber, protein and low glycemic index

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In the United States and Canada, you can find Acai Berry in different kinds of product like acai berry juice or acai berry drink. We've tested them and unfortunately most of them does not contain pure acai berry.

There's one Acai Berry product that we have tested by ourselves. It is Acai Berry Blast, which contains pure acai berry extract. By consuming Acai Berry Blast, you will get all the benefits of Acai Berry like we told you above. Acai Berry Blast is totally natural so it won't bring any side effect to your body.

Our clinical studies also showed Acai Berry Blast may help us to lose 8-25 lbs per month. It doesn't cause any negative symptom as well so we really believe Acai Berry Blast is the best weight loss supplement at the moment. So Acai Berry Blast is receives our #1 award seal!

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What I really like from Acai Berry Blast is the risk free trial offer. As a new customer, you'll receive one free bottle of Acai Berry Blast. You pay ONLY for shipping and handling. If you think it successfully works, you can order the next bottle. You have nothing to lose. With cost only for shipping and handling (the first bottle is really risk free), we highly recommend you to try it. You can try it for FREE (only pay $7.95 for shipping and handling).

Important Notes:

1. four or five people ever asked me whether it's safe or not to fill in their information on Acai Berry Blast's website. It's 100% safe and secure. Try it now.
2. Remember to read the FAQ section on Acai Berry Blast website. It'll explain several important things.

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