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How digestion affects metabolism

Somehow, it seems that increasing your metabolism has just been more news, even if it's something that we have done since birth. Without metabolism, you would fail to exist, as your body was going to die if you do not have a metabolic rate.

I mention this because the focus was on increasing metabolism, but less focused on the process that takes place before a metabolism, which is the process of digestion of food you eat. Every time you eat, your body has to digest food, and so, it leads to the metabolism.

When your body begins to digest food, he began the process of metabolism. After devoured food, your body goes through the process of separating the proteins and turning them into amino acids. The fat is converted into fatty acids, and if necessary carbohydrates are present, those who are transformed into sugar or glucose.

With glucose, the acid can be used as an energy source for your body. The compounds in the blood interact with cells, and in turn, these cells go through the process to speed up your metabolism to give you the energy your body needs. Although it takes place digestion, the body either stores or it is released for the body to engage in the activity.

This process is repeated every time you eat, which is why it has been noted by many physicians who are actually eating several small meals a day increases your metabolic rate, rather than eat a small number great meals with long pauses in between the consumption of a meal. The constant work with your body to go through the process of digestion for the distribution of food keeps your metabolism active, which increases the metabolic rate.

course, the food you eat play a role in this regard, so it is important to eat foods that are known to help speed up metabolism. Before eating regularly and ensuring food is easy to digest and process, you are increasing your overall metabolism.

First of all, you can clearly see that the digestion and metabolism in tandem. There is no metabolism without digestion, because that is how the process of metabolism is started.