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How exercise affects the metabolic rate ?

For decades, researchers have been taken to find exactly the collaborative relationship with the performance of energy metabolism and the energy expenditure. While there is a lot of evidence that physical exercise does improve metabolic rate, it was also found that the exercises seem lower metabolic rate.

Before analyzing the various (and sometimes conflicting) results that researchers have found on the collaboration relationship between exercise and metabolic rate, we must understand that in any 24-hour period, we burn d a number of calories, known as Total Daily Energy Expenditure, Also called TDEE.

This total is made up of different types of energy expenditure - for example, the energy expenditure while we are at rest (called a CMA) represents about 60 to 75% of the TDEE! Then, there are nearly 10% of energy costs while we eat and digest. Other normal daily activities, including a form of physical exercise or 'casual' movement, account for 15 to 30% of daily energy consumed. Thus, exercise increases the need for calories, which should be used for additional activity at the time.

Overall, the researchers found that there was a sense of exercise on energy consumed. Most studies show an increased metabolic rate within 24 hours of the exercise session. For example, research has shown that aerobic exercise enhance metabolic rate immediately after the exercise period.

There may be a gender difference in the rate of change in metabolic rate and exercise. Incidentally, the majority of research has been done with men as subjects. At present, the data available does not throw much difference between the CMA in the performance of the year and not women. It seems women burn fewer calories at rest and in response to the exercise.

There is currently enormous amount of research data on the subject and the differences between the experimental procedures, it is difficult to draw any definitive conclusion. But there are clear indications of the relationship between exercise and the metabolic rate. They are shown below:

• physical exercise can dramatically increase the metabolic rate between 6 and 36 hours of exercise session.

• There may be a threshold effect valid for both the intensity and duration depending on the type of exercise done.

• endurance exercises, if done regularly, increase the level of normal activity for the remainder of the day.

• Gender plays a role in the effect of exercise on the metabolic rate, women tend to become less affected by exercise when it comes to change their metabolic rate.

• Resistance exercises have been found to boost metabolic rate, especially for the elderly whose metabolism slows down.

• Making resistance exercises, such as weight training, helps increase muscle mass. Research shows that this type of exercise can stimulate the burning of calories. Since muscle tissue burns more easily than adipose tissue, muscle to increase your rate of fat will give a higher metabolic rate at rest.