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Details about catabolism and anabolism

Metabolism is a complex biochemical process and can be classified into two groups: anabolism and catabolism, where each component is responsible for different types of metabolism that takes place in our bodies.

If anabolism is the process that is building new molecules, catabolism is the process by which it was broken. To build new molecules in the body, it requires energy that is acquired when the molecules are "broken" of nutrients such as glucose (sugar) and fatty acids.

Thus, for a normal to be held on metabolism, the body needs anabolism and catabolism occur at the same time. This simultaneous construction and destruction is needed to generate the energy needed to stimulate chemical reactions. Between the two, when anabolism replaces catabolism, you can expect net of cell growth, with an opposite situation, that is to say, is more than catabolism anabolism, you expect a net loss of cells.

Anabolisme involves various chemical reactions in which the molecules latest and greatest are formed from small molecules. It is because we anabolism to obtain new materials such as cellular enzymes, proteins, cells and cell membranes and tissues. This important process is a sine qua non for the body of cell growth, maintenance and repair tissue.

Catabolism the other is necessary for the generation of energy. This process involves breaking down the large complex molecules for small and simple. The energy generated by catabolism, is stored in fat and called glycogen.

A good example can be found in sports medicine that encourage reduction in the rate of catabolism and the increasing rate of anabolism, who in the final outcome of a speedy recovery strained tissue and the muscles damaged. Antioxidants, good nutrition, protein and a number of plant chemicals have marked the fight against the catabolic effects. They are often used to reduce the effects of the increase anabolism and catabolism in the body.

Anabolisme and catabolism are complex chemical processes that occur in the cells of the body. They do not affect or change any other aspects of the functioning of the body, such as digestion, etc.

Since the body needs several nutrients to function optimally, defects in the any of essential nutrients, can throw the entire process of metabolism-gear increased catabolism, down anabolism, and many others. So, to stay healthy, we need a balanced diet to provide enough nutrients to trigger good anabolism and catabolism multiple metabolic pathways.

The most important thing to remember is that is powered by anabolism and catabolism they occur simultaneously and tirelessly in our body. Endocrinologists also scored hormones as "anabolic" or "catabolic", depending on the section of metabolism with which they interact to cause stimulation.